Body Alignment For Life

Injury Detection & Prevention for Corporate Wellness & Risk Management Programs

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Become an Equity Investor

Work with us on our product with any corporation and earn some passive income. For every company you refer that turns into a sale, you will receive a percentage of the gross from that new client. When they re-up you will earn as well. Just refer our software to HR departments or the CEO and we will take it from there! 
The more people who see us, the greater chance of a sale! So start

Corporate Piloting Options Available

We are looking for a few great corporations to do a pilot…   Please contact us if you are interested in a corporate piloting program. It’s our way of giving back for your honest feedback and helping us to be even more awesome!

Become a Strategic Partner

We are looking for investors. We have a plan in motion and we would love to have the funds to see it come to fruition. We are looking for the right investors and partners.   More Info: